Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oregon Ducks!

Well, how about them Ducks! The University of Oregon Football team has done it again! Ten for Ten and now Oregon is on the map. No one knows where Oregon is. In my European travels when I mentioned Oregon the closest anyone
came was Northern California? Oregon is as far West as you can get without getting wet in the Pacific Ocean. We are blessed with over 300 miles of coastline, all open and public beaches, nothing is private; you can explore it all. I live in Springfield, the town adjacent to Eugene, the U of O, home of the Ducks. It is an hour and a half to the coast, mostly a nice two lane road through the coast range, a road cut through the mighty Douglas Fir.
The other direction, driving East, I am an hour away from the real mountains with their snow capped peaks and majestic views. This is skiing country; the roads are narrower and windy and as you get higher in elevation the Douglas Fir give way to Pine, the main forests of Eastern Oregon.
Portland is our only Big City with over a million people and most of us live in the Willamette Valley between the two mountain ranges. Eugene is at the southern end of this valley, our "big city" of just over 100,000 people. It is the home town of "Nike", you might wear their shoes!
It is a great State, now famous, "Home of the Oregon Ducks"! If you ever get close, stop by and I will take you Salmon fishing!


rama said...

Yes i will always remember your invitation Jerry.

Ruby said...

Wow! What a wonderful place to live .... the ocean and mountains in such close proximity. To me that would be like 'dying and going to heaven'....the best of all worlds at your doorstep!

Maundering mutterer said...

From where? Actually, even though I've never been to the States, I know about the magnificent forests and mountains. I suppose I should thank National Geographic for that :)

The word verification for this is 'oundog'. Hmmm. Disappears off singing 'You ain't nothing but a oundog'

Edwin said...

I soooooo do like salmon,