Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Don't do Book Reviews

but I want to mention to you the BEST book I have ever read! The Author is an obscure,
obscure to me anyway, African born white girl/woman/lady/flyer, challenger to life, a pilot when women couldn't smoke who wrote only one book. The Title is "West with the Night" and her name is Beryl Markham. You can get a used paperback from Amazon for 4 dollars and it is worth several hundred times that amount. She could write about engine oil and make it a wonderful story. Read it for the language, the painting of words, her descriptions, the expanse of Africa in the 1930's, her ultimate success and crash landing her plane in Nova Scotia.
You will carefully choose every single word in everything you write for the rest of your life.


Edwin said...

I too, have found it to be the most well written book I have ever ran across.

Barbra Joan said...

Wow you guys make me want to go get that book right this second..
I'll look for it.. Thanks