Saturday, November 20, 2010

If you throw it away

I will find it. More of the world's steel is
produced from scrap than from mining iron ore.

A lot of the art I make is from reused steel as I find it, put it into a different shape and give it a new life. Virtually all of what I make is from recycled steel, formed into new bars and sheets from items discarded. Foreign markets take most of it. We buy crap from China, discard it to the recycle heap where it is crushed and bundled like cord wood, sent back on a freighter to begin the process all over again so we can have cheap imports! Pretty funny, huh?
I go to these scrapyards often to circumvent this process, hunting through this flotsam and jetsam, this continuous stream of steel, much like fishing. It is what I do.


Barbra Joan said...

Your art is unusual and very interesting.. and what a turnaround from just plain old junk! Good 'stuff' Jerry !

Maundering mutterer said...

Oh wow! What beautiful things of metal! A proud recycler, too! If only all garbage could be made as lovely as that. I adore the little insects and spiders.