Thursday, November 18, 2010

In a Corner of my Shop

is the last one standing and it dries just fine there, guarding the Ornamental Iron and providing a sense of color to my otherwise metal shop. I have some in my house too
but they are always the fifth or sixth
upon the copper, painted one on top of the other in quick succession.
I like them in my shop as they quickly gather dust giving them an antiquey feel like they might be worth something. They offer proof and acceptance for my clients: "yes, I am an artist" and "no, I don't work on cars"!
I have had my art in "real galleries" and I like to believe it is the kind of art you can talk about and I like to believe that as you leave the gallery you could identify
which among the colorful pieces were mine and you can! Mine is on metal!!!
Mostly I "do art" for fun, for presents to others and it allows me to charge that "art tax" to my welding work, how I really make my living!


Barbra Joan said...

oh finally a link to your other blog ... now how about the other one to this.... ? and do you have to do this every time? ....
Is that what I should do? How did you learn to do that Jerry?

stonepost said...

Oh, I had the cleverest most beautiful teacher in all the world!

Anonymous said...
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Maundering mutterer said...

I like that photo: the painting hanging behind a curl of metal - it almost looks neglected - and yet its so full of life.