Thursday, November 11, 2010

Conversations with a Friend

I visit a friend of mine about once a week and he checks up on me too! I would like

to introduce him HERE

to you, you will enjoy

knowing him. We became friends almost instantly

about 20 years ago when I was lucky enough to have him working for me. He is "an old guy"

now and like me retired

from the construction industry. Ill let him tell his own stories but hope they will include how he met his wife who was also working for me, and the story how the two of them built a yacht and sailed "around the world" for five years or so, and his latest story, building high end hand crafted

guitars and mandolins. None of these reasons are why he is my friend. He is a crafstman and if he were building doghouses he would do so to perfection. His guitars are art because he makes them art.

It is all a little bit nuts of course and only works because he doesn't count the hours and loves what he is doing. When I visit him he will explain where he is at on his project, let me admire his craftsmanship and then offer me coffee and act as if my visit is the most important thing in the world! He is one of those few friends that we acquire in life who could give a true eulogy at your funeral but has the gracious sense not to!

They are open and honest and listened to converstions. We solve the world's problems and share our own. His name is EDWIN and you will like him too.


Ruby said...

The guitars you show us are indeed beautiful! It is wonderful to craft something with your own hands to near perfection!

Sounds like a good friend. We all need those.

T.Knowley said...

Beautiful Instruments.

Off to check out your friends blog...

Maundering mutterer said...

I will NOT follow your friend's blog. I shall perish with envy of the recipients of his guitars! I used to have a guitar making friend. I used to love sitting in his workshop watching as he worked - but I never would play a finished instrument. Unrequited love is a terrible thing.