Thursday, November 4, 2010

World of Imagination!

We had already had one Summer vacation, that
trip to Canada where I got voted out of my desire to see Disneyland. Boy, was I excited to have won this all expense trip for the four of us. It was not first class, nor even on an airline. It was a bus trip on Grayhound lines, rumbling along the
1000 miles or so from my small town to Los Angeles, California. I had never been on a bus and never dreamed of an airplane, never seen a freeway; we didn't have any in Oregon! California had everything and the bus was huge, way off the ground giving me a grand view! I got car sick or bus sick and threw up easily! I mostly sat at the front of the bus near the driver and that was a lot better and I felt so very important!
We stopped in Reno, Nevada for an overnight, my first time at a real Hotel. My parents saw the casino and did a bit of gambling while my brother and I stayed in the motel room and watched television. We didn't have a television and that was a lot of fun. There were three channels! The next day we would be in San Fransisco visiting cousins I had never met, a trip to China Town and rides on the street cars! I could hardly sleep!


Ruby said...

Sounds marvellous! You never forget all those 'firsts' do you? The first time watching an image on televisiion, the first sleeping away from your own room...all seemed to be happening in a dream world!

Looking forward to more of your journey. Love the pictures you've posted.

Barbra Joan said...

Your having a wonderful time Jerry remembering all those memories. Thanks for taking us with you, It brings back things for me too. Times that we just never forget.

rama said...

So short, you have left us hanging for more, you are a real Hang Art!