Monday, November 22, 2010

Links within Links

I am still learning this computer nether world of cyber space. I am sitting in my office
of my studio, in my backyard, on this eight year old machine. That is antique in computer time.
It was "top of the line" at the time. I spent $2,200 on it and bought it for my daughter when she went to college. It is so v e r r y s l o w and I can watch Youtube seven seconds at a time, a three minute segment can take 15 minutes! Typing is fast though and I have thousands of pictures on it, truly a space age tool.
I learned everything with the crash and burn method and thought people really cared about me! I got e-mails from all over the world, from pharmaceutical companies in India
(how did they KNOW?), naked Russian college students wanting to be pen pals, Nigerians wanting to share their wealth with ME, how lucky can you get, and so many free offers I would have to build a warehouse to store them all.
It cost me $500 to fix my computer and get all the crap out of it but it is like tuition and I learned a valuable lesson. It is not "free", I don't know anyone in Nigeria, the naked Russians are men, and I have photo editing from six different suppliers. Anti-virus programs like to fight each other! I no longer open ALL my e-mails.
I do have Websites though and a lot of them. If you get bored this week and want even more of what I do, want to see my garden, my big art and little stuff, desire an education on Ornamental Iron or are surfing for ideas, HERE THEY ARE and, yes, there are links within links which will take you to eight or ten other sites, all mine. I am thinking of deleting them soon and starting all over again but I'll leave them there for a week or so.


Maundering mutterer said...

Wow! I don't have time to visit all those sites, but I took a peek at your garden - and its absolutely fabulous. Your metal paintings are really something special. I'll bet they're in demand. Will you be having an exhibition any time soon? They certainly deserve to be seen 'for real'.

Barbra Joan said...

You know I visit some but not all of your sites. This one and just read your blog on Art Wanted but of course that will only be read once by me... I mostly enjoy looking at your art works. and omg your garden ... that is the Best.! I could just imagine what you could do here !

Ruby said...

What a wonderful garden ... takes me back to 'the Secret Garden'. Interesting reading all blogs.
Thanks for sharing.