Friday, November 19, 2010

Dark Matter

All of my paintings are not light and colorful, but I admit most of them are.
I have 12 store bought colors, all acrylic, and several very cheap brushes. I mostly paint on copper or steel because I have a lot of it in my metal shop but yesterday I found hiding in the corner, a sheet of aluminum and thought I would try that. This is a mixture of paints and grinding and a little shop dust. It lived a happy and short life and then I ground it off, to be lurking in my computer, like a virus, waiting!


SooZeQue said...

This is great! I love the contrast of the matte paint and the shiny aluminum. I'd also love to see the silver part (if it were steel) rust, then seal it. I have a hard time being abstract in what I do. I need to try that.

stonepost said...

SooZ, thanks for stopping by! Hey, have you ever tried Phylon or Wet Look Lacquer on your rusted steel?
You will LOVE the look, it is clear but thick, almost like powder coating. Available at a real mason's supply store or stone supply place, not at Home Depot!