Thursday, November 4, 2010


Gate Entry at Local Winery Stainless Steel
leaves and grapes

Most of my art can be seen from a distance and I design it this way on purpose. I want it to be a landmark,
to catch the sun, a statement: Yes,
you are here! A well designed gate will do that and keep you out when not wanted. A good gate gets its strength in its design, the elements
bonding together to build a truss.
The copper in this gate adds flash,
you can see it from a mile away when the sun hits it in the early morning.
Many people stop and get out of their cars to look at the detail in the copper
or examine the stainless steel leaves and grape clusters. YES! that is what I was after! tomorrow...more on Disneyland!


Barbra Joan said...

Dfinetley a work of art. A statement and very impressive. I'm sure when opened it says 'Welcome' and when closed it says Keep Out'

Ruby said...

You combine strength of material, with functional purpose and art with such intriguing flair! Indeed you are a 'MASTER METAL ARTIST'!
One would think working 'heavy' materials the finished product would be just that 'heavy'. You defy all the rules ... all the pieces of your work that I have seen have such beauty in clean lines defining the space around with such excitement.
Congratulations on giving us negative and positive space with heightened appreciation.

Ruby said...

Another thought! Your art is 'loud' it 'sings' .... how about sings, reverberates against the landscape and beckons all to see! Yes

stonepost said...

Ruby and Barbra, thank you both! I will quote you as world renowned art critics!