Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Most Amazing Calendar

These are my tomatoes, nurtured from seed,
talked to everyday and perhaps the best Art
I do. They have been magically transformed
through the clever talents of my friend and
fellow artist, R.C. deWinter, to become the
most amazing Calendar. Brazenly, I am plugging her HERE! For the gardener or Kitchen Gourmet
there is no better Christmas gift. Twelve wonderful photos that have become art, a piece
of my garden, a little bit of me and a little bit of
"Gina". They are wonderfully produced as a large Wall Calendar. I hope you enjoy it.


Ruby said...

Wow! Amazing! Are these photographs or paintings? I don't quite know what to say ... the colours are wonderful, the compositions enticing. Indeed what a wonderful one would want to look at every day.

stonepost said...

Thanks, Ruby, these began as photographs and my magical friend, Gina, miraculously transformed them!

Barbra Joan said...

Beautiful ... !! really beautiful. I wish I had painted them.. but nothing could outdo this...
These look like perhaps digitally enhanced photos, but whatever they are they are amazing .