Wednesday, May 11, 2011

100 Posts!

I think really 100 posts have come and gone. According to my records this is #188 but so many of you are under the impression that this is to be 100 so I'll pretend it is.  I thought of doing a review but quite frankly I have written posts that I do not care to revisit although I have written others that I have read several times.
That just means I do not understand them yet and I am trying to find what I missed.
   I never edit these blogs and only on occasion do I ever bother to spell check them. I spew the words out as if making peanut butter sandwiches, "chumming," as Andrea has accused me of, trying to find an idea worthy of exploration, often in search of my own opinion.
   I took this right back to the third grade, my first kiss, my first girlfriend and it was there that I realized that I am not telling you everything!  It is the luxury of Internet Blogging, selective memories and choosing how to tell a story.
   It is a strip club in a way and I have slowly revealed myself to you.  You know about my family, my daughters, my garden, my welding, my art, my cancer.  Battles fought and won.  I've told you how I met my wife, the very same English Princess who has been by my side for well over forty years!
    You know I am a political creature.  I couldn't keep that out at all.  You know I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal and shouldn't be that way at all.  You know I have the Best Health Insurance possible and my bout with cancer was 99% covered through the policy I have been paying for, one way or another, for years.  You know that despite this I am in favor of National Health Care.  I think we should protect our own.
   I have taken you into my world of art, heavy metal! and even my attempts at color on canvass!  I have joked with you, yes, prodded a bit, encouraged I hope.  Shining a light on someone else is one of my favorite things to do.
   The most amazing thing is I have met friends here, good friends, intimate friends, close and caring.  I have discovered that when we take our hats off, drop our defenses, let go our pretenses, we are so very similar.
Most of us want the same things, get discouraged at the same obstacles, overcome the same kinds of challenges, find relief in laughter on this long dark road we are on.  We like dancing in the moonlight, at least when we think no one is watching!
   I have followers from countries that I never knew existed and have difficulty in pronouncing.  In one day I can visit other blogs, travel about the world and realize that we are the same.  If we could have tea together this would be a far more peaceful planet.  Blogging is like having a "pen-pal" and allowing other's into the conversation.  Sometimes we laugh together and sometimes we have a great after dinner conversation!
   We learn a lot about each other and in discovering more about you I discover more about myself.  Yes, I have had that feeling, that emotion, that triumph, that failure and got up again.  In your descriptions I learn more of my own.
   100 posts or 188?  I know I have repeated myself, shown the same art twice, the same stolen kiss over and over, caught the same fish again and again but maybe there is a different way to explain the same story?
Like a novel with each chapter told from a different narrative we change a little bit each day.  As we go down this road we gather new evidence, maybe see with clearer eyes and look upon the past from a different perspective. 
   I enjoy blogging but it is far more difficult than when I began.  I was like popcorn then, couldn't keep me in the kettle!  Now I am like a pot on simmer, not lukewarm, that is not me at all, but on the back burner, contemplating.  I still "chum", thanks Andrea for that oh so true analogy about myself.  Sometimes I spew and bubble over and I admit I am after a reaction.  I want to know what you think!
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Chez said...

StonePost, 100 or 188 does not matter. They all make for great reading. I do regret that there are times I am unable to visit as often as I would like, however, I always look forward, with anticipation, to my next 'read.' Well done!

Kay said...

I have enjoyed visiting your blog since finding your comments on Ralph's blog. I love the way we sort of branch a blog..see someone interesting who has commented, go visit is giant 6 degrees of separation game!!!
Have a great day Jerry, and can't wait to see what spews next time!

PAMO said...
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PAMO said...
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freebird said...

Who cares about a mere 88 posts difference. It's the new math, lol! Congrats on sticking with it.