Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Enemies, My Friends

   The truth is I cannot see Russia from my back yard.  Did you know that Russia at one time "owned" Oregon?  Well, they had settlers here and laid claim to it.  I am pretty sure we bought it from them;  I know we didn't fire a shot and they didn't shoot at us either.  Maybe it was a part of the Alaska Purchase, a part of what we bought for a mere $200,000.  Pretty good deal for us!
   The Blog World is huge and tiny at the same time.  I have people (I think?) from all over the world stopping by although they don't always say "Hell-o".  I get the obvious hits from the United States and Canada but I get hits from all of Europe and Afghanistan, Iran, Russia and China.  I think how crazy and wonderful in this "Blogging World" we can meet and be friends, have arguments and discussions, share ideas and discover how very similar we are and we never fire a shot.
   It all reminds me of my youth and various travels, wandering from here to there, meeting strange people and having conversations in languages I could not understand.  Maybe I would meet someone from Somalia and we would have a drink in a bar in Germany and before we knew it we would be laughing at what we couldn't say but we became friends at least for the moment.
   I was young when I went on my "wanderyar", a mere seventeen years old but it was a big world and there was a lot I wanted to see.  I encourage young people today to travel as much as they can, not as tourists, but staying in a place, somewhere, anywhere, it makes no difference.  Meeting people, talking, helping where we can, discussing stuff and realizing we are all the same.  One people, one world.  The same tears you have, I have.  You can discover a lot while you are young, what is important in life and what isn't.
   Blogging is a bit like that, meeting someone in a bar, having a conversation and just seeing where it goes.
It is a different world where we can just stop by and say "Hi" or sit a spell and get to know each other, share ideas, thoughts, gardens, art, tears and joy.  We don't have to agree on everything but we never shoot each other!
   I hope blogging does not replace travelling but encourages it.  I hope that it reduces fear and makes us realize that over a cup of tea we are not so different after all.  As the world tries to isolate us, drawing circles of division, we can draw bigger circles, circles that encompass and include, circles to draw you in.

   On a different note, I am so busy now I can't believe it.  I have three jobs all going at the same time and am working seven days a week to get them done on time!  And, I just planted my tomatoes!  Nice to be busy and nice to be alive!
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Constance Stanza Extravaganza Extraordinaire said...

:-) Hell-o!

stonepost said...

Clearly no one wants to have a beer with me today! Constance, my steadfast friend, you are a dear for dropping by!

Barbra Joan said...

Not so fast Jerry, I'll sit and have a beer with you anytime, anywhere.. I know we've shared a cup of tea a few times..
and another thing don't you forget who it was that told you months ago ... exactly what you are doing ... Gypsy

Clipped Wings said...

Enjoyed reading your post today. I'm still on vacation, but love checking in on some of my favorites, and are definitely one of my most favorites :)

AutumnLeaves said...

Well spoken words and oh so true. Many of us don't get to have a "wanderyear," but oh what fun it would be! T'would (lol) that I could do it now!

Chez said...

StonePost, as you know, without the opportunity to blog I suspect I may well be insane. Then again, maybe I am anyway haha.
I am having a glass of wine so will raise my glass.....
To Jerry

Dan Kent said...

Hmmm. Since there are 6 comments already, the beer may be gone (if you have a 6-pack. I have been near amazed at the friends I have made over distances I can barely fathom. Life has conspired to limit my travel considerably. I have never left the US (and not because I do not want to). But it feels like I have friends everywhere.

freebird said...

I love this blogging world. I don't care for the one my husband is in however, the political one, as if they could they certainly would be shooting each other. I don't know why people can't be civil even if they don't agree on things. You are right, we all are people with similar wants and needs so why so much anger and hatred?

stonepost said...

Freebird, I like political blogs if they are full of give and take with an effort at understanding, why we are where we are and offering a view at moving forward.
The essential best part of our Democracy is in securing the rights of those who may disagree with us.