Friday, May 6, 2011

Can we go back now?

I have left this alone for almost a week but you know I can't be quiet forever!  I am glad Osama bin Laden is dead and we took him out like the mad dog he was.  I am glad we have a strong fearless President who does what he says he would do and had the courage to take on such a dangerous mission.  I am glad it was a personal thing, "mano a mano" and not a bomb dropped in the middle of the night.  I am glad photos are not being posted because in this digital age they are pretty meaningless.  They are goading and unkind and unnecessary.
   I think bin Laden was a mad man but incredibly clever and knew how to hurt us the most.  His single act of terrorism, the September 11th that we will never forget, has cost us over two Trillion Dollars and that is a conservative estimate.  There are more fees coming.  He has made us cautious when we would rather dance.
He drew us into Afghanistan when he knew the Russians were there for ten years and it drove them to bankruptcy and that was his goal for us.
   He has caused us to threaten our own Constitution and create laws that curtail our freedom.  We have given much for the sake of safety.  I hate bin Laden and the power he will hold onto even in death.  I remember as a youngster off on my first adventure, travelling across Canada on the trans-Canadian Railway from Vancouver to Montreal, seeing unimaginably beautiful scenery all along the way and meeting all sorts of interesting people.  Now there would be fear.  Fear is often worse than the assault itself.  It is persuasive and lingering and controls our behavior.  It is hugely expensive.
   I don't think we will ever "get back to normal," but I think we should try or bin Laden will have won.  It can only be done in small steps like a recovery from a serious illness.  Today look at someone without suspicion.
It is necessary to get back to the business of living gracefully, in search of beauty and the wonderful gifts that life affords us.
   I am mostly a nice guy but I think it was necessary to kill the m#@*ther f*(#er and now it is equally necessary to forget him.  As for Pakistan!  They are either in compliance or incompetent and neither way are they worth giving 20 Billion Dollars in aid to!!!  I think we need that money for the tornado strewn regions of our own country.  OMG! I am becoming so conservative in my old age!!!
It is more peaceful HERE


Barbra Joan said...

ohhh! welcome Jerry ! Hooray !!! We agree on politics today... no not going any further... You said it all. what IS happening to you ????
Huh? Huh??? . BJ

Kay said...

I don't see your feelings as conservative or not..but honest. I want us to quit living in fear, I want the Patriot act repealed and TSA fired. I don't need to feel safe..I need to feel free. I feel the death of he who shall be unnamed hopefully, is anticlimatic. He got what he deserved..I could think of more and worse things that could have been done to him. I just want to not give in to the fearmongers and
get back to life. (forgive my spelling!)

AutumnLeaves said...

What is a little old age between friends, Jerry? LOL