Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Something is Broken!

For the last several days I have not been allowed to comment on anyone's Blog!  That is just so no like me.  I like a fight, I like to compliment, nudge and encourage. I want to participate; I want to play too!
"Blogger" tells me I have to "sign in" and I dutifully do, several times, carefully monitoring each keystroke for errors, assuming the problem is mine.  I am thinking "I did it!" and go on to write a nice, sometimes lengthy,
non-sensical comment like I sometimes do.  I post as my "google account" and even get to type in the secret word I sometimes admit I have trouble seeing and it is always coming up an "anonymous", won't post and tells me to sign in.  I did this six times yesterday, one after the other and nothing worked.
   I think this began when I came across a blog from China.  Purportedly written by a fifteen year old girl with a sense of humor, as if China even had school girls!  I am sure it must be written by a committee, gone through all kinds of channels and censorship's before any kind of approval.  I am surprised she is not in some sort of reeducation camp by now.  It is interesting how we get images of other cultures in our heads. Hard to imagine Italians without Pizza or gondolas, Americans who are not fat, Germans without beer, or a single Chinese school girl, one little girl from the Billions in Corporate China!
   Interesting how it is the Internet and Blogging where she will discover herself and in doing so we will discover her, and separate her from Chinese food and masses of people, rickshaws and misguided images.
   If I failed to comment on your blogs recently it is because I am incompetent,  can't get past the "sign-in"
and I hope this will just all go away and resolve itself.  In the meantime I will listen silently, screaming inside because I really wanted to say something!
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T.K. said...

I recently read on someone else's blog that they were having the same problem. Oh well, at least you got a great post out of it. ;)

By the way I can't read those word verifications half the time either.

AutumnLeaves said...

Jer, you rarely visit me. I hope I haven't offended with my posts. At any rate, my modem was down so just got the new one today. Looking at your gate in the post below I must say that you could make some darned sharp bedsteads or headboards. Beautiful work, as always.

freebird said...

I STILL cannot sign in when it asks on some blogs. I haven't figured out which blogs trigger it. Then I use an Open ID from yahoo to sign in but it's not the same. I don't know what is with Blogger lately. I try to post multiple pictures and it always leaves at least one of them out now and this has been going on for more than 2 months.