Thursday, May 26, 2011

Times Four!

 Each panel is about 16" x 48"
These panels, consisting of a steel framed copper sheet, backed by stainless steel with a rose vine, will creat the walls to the front Entry of the outdoor gallery that I am creating for a client.
Imagine the front being 24 feet wide with a center entry of eight feet and a "wall section" about seven feet on either side.  These panels fit in a stucture that offers a panel, a vine by itself and then the other panel.  Impossible to get the right picture in my shop but I will install them today and although it will be a rainy day I'll get the "final picture" when I am done.
   I have had a lot of time on this project, on again and off again for over a year.  The delays were for digestion. letting the structure age, doing some landscaping and studying this birth process.  It is coming to an end now, sort of, I do have one more idea.
 Copper captures the light from a hundred different directions.
I always get the "final picture" in my head way before I build it.  If my brain had scraps of paper in it, it would be full.  I get ideas and just as quickly reject them until that final, end picture gets stuck in my mind.
   I am often asked if I can draw this picture?  Although it is firmly and crystal clear in my mind, I can't.  I can't do it because I am a really bad drawer and because, especially with the copper, it is ever changing, a shape shifter with what it does to light.  Move an inch and it will look entirely different.  I get the idea of it in my mind, its function and what it is supposed to do.
   We will see what happens today, how it looks when installed.  If this is supposed to stop your vision, give you pause and a sense of privacy, maybe I need one more thing? Something to make you curious and draw you in? We shall see.
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Chez said...

Jerry these panels are simply amazing! I have said before, your work shows passion and creativity. Who cares whether or not you can put your ideas on paper.

Constance Stanza Extravaganza Extraordinaire said...

A butterfly perhaps?

SooZeQue said...

The panels are great! Looks like you've been busy. Will the final product patina in the weather, or did you decide to clear coat everything. Either way it be stunning.

Barbra Joan said...

Your always 'right on' Jerry. Your work is as unique as you are.