Saturday, May 28, 2011

Feigning Interest...

I sometimes wonder is anyone really gives a rip about what I do, my art, my politics, my garden, what I am thinking.  I have told many people about my Blog, my websites, how to find me.  This information is on my business cards.  I sometimes wonder what an old friend might think of me now?  I sometimes wonder what my brothers might think?  I wonder if a past customer would be interested in a current project?  I have relatives I never see and wonder about them sometimes too.
   In a way the Blog World is a little like "Facebook" but more in depth, a little less quick, more of an effort because you can't just "like" it or "unlike" at a click of the mouse.  Blogging encourages commentary and reflection, criticism and praise, involvement.  Blogging is "quiet fishing" and a reason I sometimes don't write too many personal e-mails to the people who know me.  It is a journal of what I am up to, what I am thinking about, my trials, tribulations, successes, failures, the weather, my garden and what gets me going in the morning.
   I can say stuff in my Blog I would never say in person.  That would be just too much about 'me', a "look at what I can do" kind of conversation, an invitation to feigned interest.  In blogging I can just throw it all out there and you are free to catch whatever may hold your interest, comment or not, digest or ignore.  I have no way of knowing if 'this friend' or 'that friend', someone lost in my life or a newly discovered person reads this or not.  I can count the "hits" and I know what Country you are from but that is about it
   My goal is to say something, show you something, be critical enough to irritate you, positive enough to inspire you and make you wonder enough to leave a comment.
   It is interesting how a little thing, something in passing, can stop you from the road you are on and set you to another path.  I remember distinctly, over twenty years ago, I was working on a remodelling project for a friend of mine when he showed me a brochure about a "Concrete Artist" living and working in Portland, Oregon.  The impression I was left with wasn't so much about how great his art was but that he made a living from it.  That was his job.  He was an artist and made a living at it.  What an incredible idea!  I have worked in that direction for over twenty years!
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rama said...

Interesting observation Jerry.
How are you?
Just forget everything and have a wonderful weekend

freebird said...

I've told my family about my blog but they aren't interested in "computers". Still they use them to google and email so that really isn't it. I think you hit the nail on the head with it taking more than a quick like or dislike!

Clipped Wings said...

I give a rip about you, Jerry. Many of my older followers comment only seldom anymore. The newer ones comment more. I've given my blog address to family and friends, but only my husband and niece read the posts. Such is life. I don't dwell on it, as I would come up with all kinds of negative reasons they seem to not care. I think people are just too tied up in their own lives and friends to give much thought to others. I sometimes do that too when things get hectic. Warm weather months are always hectic for me with the gardens, pets, and a life I actually live. Still love reading as many of your posts as I can. You're one of the first I look at on busy days. You get a lot of quality comments, and I think that is more important than the number of comments. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

SooZeQue said...

Great post Jerry! I've often pondered this blogging thing myself. Wonder why so many follow and so few comment ~ but I love my regulars and feel a connection with them. The difference with me is I never advertise my blog, my family doesn't know about it.. (ok just mom & hubby). I don't feel the need to tell them for some reason. I think I blog just for me, cuz when I look back I can actually remember what I've been up to. It's an easy diary. If my family finds me.... won't they be surprised at how busy I've actually been. Maybe they think I just sit around and eat bonbons all day! What I do know is I don't want blogging to feel like an obligation to always post something. I just want to share some creativity and find others that do the same ~ hopefully they feel welcome to say a few things, if not... go well, live well and I'll probably still be here if you drop by in again.

Barbra Joan said...

You have shown me things, irritated
me, inspired me and I've left many comments.. Some have irritated YOU , inspired YOU, and you've left comments!!
As for the others they do come and go , most times they say nothing and are on to the next..
I have over 140 followers and about 10 that I can almost count on for a comment. I like the fact that I write it.. if everyone reads it..great, and if no one reads it I still have an almost daily diary that I wouldn't otherwise do..Now get over to my blog and SAY something. !! BJ