Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When it Rains, it Pours!

My thirty-five years in construction was always that way and now I am supposed to be retired and would be happy with only a couple small commissions in a month.  Being self employed most of my life I have gone through vast periods of no work at all.  You learn to adjust your money because there is no weekly or monthly paycheck.  If there is work I get paid when the job is over, if there is a job and if anything is left over.  We always bought groceries, tons of groceries whenever I had money because I never knew when the next check was coming from.
   I am "retired" now and nothing has changed.  It must be Spring and I am healthy and young again and the work just keeps adding up  I have a ton of it and got more yesterday.  It is those words, "Jerry, can you...?"
I am incapable of saying "no".
   If I were really free I would say, "no, I can't!"  I want to work on my own garden.  I want to try my hand at painting.  I haven't even finished cleaning and reorganizing my shop. Or I will do it next Winter when things are slow.  But I don't do this.  I tell everyone that I will have their job finished in two weeks and somehow I manage to stretch the day, find time for their projects and a little bit for my garden and none towards cleaning my shop.
   This will pass.  April, May and June have always been my busiest months, that is Spring and early Summer when they want their projects and gardens looking nice.  I am lucky they come to me.
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Chez said...

Seize the day Jerry! You are so very talented, and word of mouth being the best advertisement, you are very much in demand.
As I have said previously if we lived closer I would commission you to do a 'piece' for me.

freebird said...

Isn't that the way it goes sometimes. My sister at 64, works at a nursery. It's hard work but it's mostly for a few months where she earns something to supplement her social security check (who in California can live on 1K a month especially after taking out Medicare Part B?). Then she doesn't work much and sometimes not at all for the rest of the year. I can see how you'd be like her, too tired during those busy months to do as much as you'd like for yourself. Good luck.

PAMO said...

Jerry, I'm smiling. Somehow I'm not at all surprised that everyone wants you! I hope you get back to your own projects soon and I'm glad you are still able to take on the world.

Angel-Star said...

Dear Stone, i am so happy you are alive and feeling well. and i too wish a piece for a garden i will have someday!

AutumnLeaves said...

Jerry, you are truly a marvel and I sure wish I'd met and married a man with your wisdom.

rama said...

Let it rain, and rain and rain Jerry, for you, that is my wish for you.