Thursday, May 12, 2011


   I admit I am a bit of a whore and willing to tackle projects that should be left to younger and stronger
and maybe more able artist/fabricators.  Money, of course, is a part of the decision process.  This time of year my garden has a voracious appetite and is a drain to my meager savings.
   Part of it is just a challenge and the wondering wether or not I can still do it.  Some of it is just that I have a picture in my head of what some project should look like when completed and for the picture to meet with reality I just have to do it myself.  I am in the middle of two such projects now.
   One is a roofing system on a metal structure I built two years ago.  It has aged perfectly, has a wonderful rusty petina to it and all along it was the intention to cover it.  It is a two layered roof with an upper clearstory. That level I completed a couple weeks ago with a clear polycarbonite and a lot of copper trim.
The lower level is bigger and will be done with mahogany plywood and a very expensive composition roofing.  It is a lot of material to just lift and get up there.  But it has curves and angles and a complicated nature to it and I just have a fear of turning it over to someone else.  I know what it needs to look like.
   The other job is a twisting, curving stair rail involving a lot of math and a lot of skill.  If it is perfect it will be absolutely great and if it it off, then it will be off and insignificant.  It will be a peice I will be happy to sign.
   One day I will slow down or worse.  I will be able to dream these but not be able to do them.
I will post pictures when I get them!
More of what I do is  Here.


Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, for you working is like fuel and energy .. for your soul, for your very being.. The Jerry I know through our writing is not content to sit back in a chair and think about what he wants to do.. it's what you HAVE to do... and what you do is beautiful. ! Creating with your hands although they hurt ( know that) and writing words to others that help more than you know.. (I know that too) Thank you ! BJ

AutumnLeaves said...

You are only as old as you feel, Jer.

PAMO said...

Looking forward to the pics Jerry!

AutumnLeaves said...

You are only as old as you feel, Jer. Besides, I am a firm believer in that if you want a job done right you have to do it yourself! (Especially if you are able to!)