Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden

It took ten years to kill a man in a cave who caused so much damage to the United States and the free world.
    For years when I was in construction I used to park my truck in my driveway full of tools because I was too tired to unload them and put them away.  Then, one day when I was about to go to work, just like that, they were gone!  Someone during the night stole them!
   What I resent to this day is not the loss of maybe $5,000 worth of tools, although that certainly hurt.
It is the fact that some low life thief had the power to change my behavior forever.  The theft was over fifteen years ago and every night ever since I have had to unload my truck and put the tools in my shop and make sure it was locked.
   Osama bin Laden did the very same thing to us as a Nation.  Terrorists have added a huge expense to our daily lives and threaten our Constitution, our very freedoms that we cherish.  We have "Homeland Security"
now, Airport screening, police with guns everywhere and you can't go anywhere without a camera focused on you.  It is amazing how "one guy in a cave" did this to us.  I don't think his death will mark the end to anything.  Yemen, a little tiny desolate sand country is rapidly taking over as a terrorist capitol with almost successes at taking down planes and the destruction of the USS Cole, a battleship brought down by a rowboat!
   There will be no cause for celebration until the implements of war are turned into ploughshares and we can get on to the business of living.  I am not sure that will ever happen.  I have often thought that if a thief could not sell the tools from my truck then he wouldn't steal them.  Is there no way out of the trouble we are in?

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Kay said...

not celebrating..just would like my freedoms I mourn too the loss of those things.

Anonymous said...
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AutumnLeaves said...

I wish we could just start over. Imagine the mountainous task that would be.

stonepost said...

Pamo, you have deleted them but they were not unsaid and I agree with you. It is a shame when we celebrate death, not as in a life well lived but a murder or execution. In these times it was probably necessary to do what was done, but maybe without all the glee and goading that came with it.
When can we ever say, "okay, let's settle down now and play nicely" when it appears we are picking for a fight? Maybe an attitude of being sorry we had to do this but we really had to do it. And, if you hurt us again then we will really have to do it again. They know we can and we will.

freebird said...

I think it was a necessary but unpleasant thing to have to do - get Bin Laden. I think President Obama has tried with his muslim burial to lessen the impact of it for the Muslim world. Maybe I have missed something but is there the same outrage in the Muslim world over this as there was when comics were written about Islam or the Koran burned? I think the President showed Islamic respect but still got the man so maybe, just maybe the hatred won't go up a notch on the Muslim side but will go down a notch on our side thereby making the world a bit easier to live in. At least I hope so.

Your analogy was spot on!