Friday, May 27, 2011

It is Done, sort of...

as seen from the back of the house
My gallery is "Done"!  Well, I am an artist and we have the Devil of a time deciding when something is "finished".  Here are the pictures I promised.  The assignment was to provide a covered, protected area in the backyard and to distract your vision from the dominate footprint of the towering house.
 Like Water on Copper
   The entire structure is about 20' x 24'. The steel frame will rust and the copper trim will patina. The front four copper/stainless steel panels are powder coated clear coat.  This copper will also darken over time but at a much slower rate.

I would put copper everywhere if I could afford it.  It is amazing how it attracts and reflects light.  If you move an inch it can look entirely different.

 View from the back
These copper panels are about 16" x 48" and are backed with the stainless steel leaves for added strength.  The interior is the prettiest side, mostly all copper with the rose vines.  Something to diminish the view of the house.

 A bit too dark on the inside on a rainy day to get a good photo
The project needs to sit and age, digest a bit and find a sunny day.  I made hooks for hanging baskets that could be placed along the eves, maybe fuchsias or Wave Petunias?  It is a comfortable space once you are inside but maybe it needs something to draw you there? Make you curious?  It is possible that something very simple would work. I am not convinced I want to distract attention from the entire structure itself and the art that is already there.

 A Rose in the Rain
 It still has a construction site look to it.  Maybe all it needs is an "outdoor cafe" look, an inviting table with a bottle of wine?

This has been a wonderful job.  It is not often that I am given license to do my best.

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Chez said...

StonePost, have said it before, I wish I was your neighbour. The design of your 'creations' are amazing, including the roof line of the external building. An espresso machin[or a bottle of red wine], the company of good friends, and I could spend many a therapeutic hour enjoying the scenery. Love the copper. It is one of my favourite looks!

SooZeQue said...

Absolutely Stunning! So So beautiful. We artists sometimes have a hard time admire our own work, we see all the flaws ~ i hope you are standing back and smiling big! I'd love to be drinking my morning coffee out there!

Barbra Joan said...

Jerry it's a beauty alright.. and will get even better with age.. they'll put some potted plants and other 'stuff' but it stands alone and it's wonderful..
A cup of coffee or maybe tea? sitting under that .. I can just see it now ! Your art is one of a kind no doubt ... but then again so are you !

Constance Stanza Extravaganza Extraordinaire said...

You have surpassed yourself my dearest friend, it is magnificent. Can you image billowing pots of dark and bright blue flowers like delphiniums and lobelia contrasting with the rich copper? It's stunning and you should be well pleased!

Clipped Wings said...

Fantastic! Love it very much.

freebird said...

Well, they sure have a nice place to just be now! This looks wonderful.

SandraV said...

Okay, I had just finished writing this long gushy e-mail in regards to the beautiful copper gallery, and than it vanished. . . ugh! So, I will try once again. First of all, you know that I think you are the most fantastic artist in the ENTIRE WORLD! Because I am the one who gets to enjoy the exquisite copper gallery on a daily basis. . . with espresso in hand, birds flying through the open posts, hanging plants adding a profuse display of colors, the sun casting rays on statues and my pots of strawberries, and the streaming music of Boccherini in the background! Let's just say, I live in Jerry Carlin's dream world! Kevin and I couldn't be happier with our new addition, and of course, we have been adding our artistic touches to the backyard in the past three weeks. It is gorgeous in our backyard and a great source of pride and joy. It is hard to believe, but it will only get better. It makes me want to start a little lunch bistro. . . We love you, Jerry, for your warmth, flexibility, ability to hear our ideas and make them work with yours, and of course, your innate sense of generating ambience and inspiration! I don't plan on ever losing you. Our home will be an homage to Mr. Jerry Carlin. Have you been thinking about a water feature? I am always excited to see what you will create next! The sun has been out for the last few days, and the plants are delighting in its warmth! Almost time for another photo shoot! Your work speaks for itself and there will never be enough words to express my appreciation! We shall be seeing you soon! Sandra ;)