Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blank Slate

Every year I start from scratch on my main garden area.  It is forty feet by fifty feet or thereabout and the only constant is at the very back I have an area about seven feet tall for potted plants and the main Entry, a gate I originally made for a theater production that has now found its home as the entry to my garden.  What was once on the stage on "Tosca" is now the support of my trumpet vine.  All the rest I redo every year.  There are no permanent plantings in this area, except a small stand of Bamboo my daughter planted on her return from the Peace Corp and Africa.  I whittle at it and chop it every year in an attempt to control it.
 Where to put the paths?
I have lived here for almost 40 years, same house, same wife, same phone number, same garden, but everything always changes.  The garden is always different.  Each year I try to make it better than the year before.
   Last year I had cancer and although I beat it and it is gone, it made me realize that maybe I can't keep doing this forever?
This year I am really concentrating on making it the very best ever!  You never know when this one will be the last one!
   The best thing about my garden and the advantage of living in one place for such a long time is the soil.  Over the years I have put literally tons of organic stuff, leaves, grass clippings, sand and manure on this area.  It is like potting soil for at least 18" deep, dark, rich, perfect soil.
 Watch this area!
   I change the plantings every year and alter the paths.  It is never the same except there are always my tomatoes!  This year I will also plant corn and that will be a treat.

At the entry to my garden I have a lot of pots and these are full of flowers.  Later in the summer they will be so abundant, full of color and smells, like a frame to a wonderful painting, my garden.

Last year's garden can be found HERE.


Barbra Joan said...

Oh, yes 'Jerry and his wondrous garden' every time you 'speak' of it the love for it comes through..
You will plant and tend it for many years to come J, if the gypsy has anything to say and do about it..!
Your garden this year will be a joy.. and hey, we want pictures !!! BJ

AutumnLeaves said...

I think you and Ralph share a passion, Jerry. It will be glorious and I look forward to watching your garden grow.