Monday, May 30, 2011

One Day...

I am often asked how long it takes me to make something.  Everything I do is the accumulation
One Day Job
of everything I have done before.  You can learn to weld in five minutes but to get good at it takes 2,000 hours and then you need to get good at fabrication and design too, learn about the elements of strength and what goes together and what clashes.
   I like to think that I built this 14' entry gate in one day but it doesn't really work that way.  I have been to the job site four times, ordered steel and went to get it, have yet to take it to the powder coaters to be painted and there is delivery and installation.  Somewhere along the line I had to learn that this design would work, be strong and stable, inviting and friendly, close properly and be protective.  My shop is a mess and like with a good meal, the kitchen needs to be cleaned.
More of my work is HERE.

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Clipped Wings said...

Very beautiful, and much work, considering everything you do to get to the end product. Makes you feel good though, when all is done and you can just admire what you have created. :)