Monday, May 23, 2011

Expensive Art

My art is expensive.  I envy painters who can produce a $2,000 (or more!) painting with only $35 worth of paint.  One of the things I like to make involves framing a copper panel in steel and then adding a combination of stainless steel and whatever I can find into a sculpture of sorts in front of the copper. I take this whole piece to the powder-coater to be clear-coated and they are always beautiful, heavy and soft as silk.
I am the only one that I know of to make these "paintings" and when I first began I used plate copper panels and some of them measured five feet tall and a couple feet wide.  That piece of copper today cost over a thousand dollars!  I have learned to make them smaller, even postcard size and if I back it with something, like a cut out skeleton sheet, I can use 18 gauge copper and that works pretty good but it is still not cheap.
 soon I will have them finished!
     I am almost finished with four such panels, each 16" wide and four feet tall with roses growing through them.  It is a nice effect, the copper acts as a mirror and in its golden glow offers a duplicate image of the roses.  One such panel contains about $250 in material alone!  With the price of copper, next year it will just cost more.  Investment in art!
   These panels will form the entry to my garden gallery that I am creating for a client, two on each side within a larger structure, about six feet wide and five feet tall.  When it is done I will show you a picture!
   It is a lot of fun doing something like this, actually being paid to create a pretty big sculpture and I do it for the thrill of it. If I had to do another one, it would become something that I had done before and would cost twice as much.
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Anonymous said...
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AutumnLeaves said...

I love seeing all your work, Jerry. This is gorgeous!