Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No, No, No, I bought it from a Gallery!

...and that by definition makes it art, right?  Who cares that galleries charge 50% commission? or some, 60%! It is the price of assurance, the price to make me comfortable. knowing that this canvass with a hundred tones of red will look good behind my couch and go with the rest of my furniture!  I am assured that art from a gallery is an investment.  The prices keep going up, twenty percent over last year!  I am going to make a fortune!
   In my town there are no "Gallerias", just plain galleries with no fancy names, "Galleria de la Rosa" for instance, just off the top of my head, some exotic name, maybe even French, huh?  These would probably be the 60% galleries and of course, would have better art!
   I don't think galleries will ever be obsolete.  I know you can buy this stuff off the internet, but frankly I wouldn't  know what I was buying.  Red is red to me and I know nothing of the determination and texture of brush strokes.
   Buying used cars from a car lot should be obsolete.  You can get these off the internet too but I need the belief that it was owned by a little old lady.
   I have learned a lot over the years from galleries, learned the babble and language and gushing enthusiasm,
the "art of display" and the fuction of a little cheap wine.  On an opening night if you are lucky enough to get a crowd there you can build up a frenzy like at an auction and people will actually pretend to know what they are looking at.  When I first entered the gallery market I had different prices, one price if you found it in my backyard and another price if it were in a gallery.  That was a big mistake, I was letting people in on the scam!
   The truth is, people think your art is better if you charge a lot for it.  There is a belief in the value of money spent.  If you charge not very much that is what clients think they are getting, not very much.  Galleries to art are like de Beers is to Diamonds.  They control the ebb and flow of what would otherwise be a deluge of paint on canvas coming at us like the Mississippi River.
   This week I am taking apart an old rototiller, every gear and cotter pin, nuts and bolts and tynes, all of it piece by piece. I will reassemble and configure this into a new life as something unintended and I will name it "Art"!  I love the madness of it all.
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Clipped Wings said...

You are so funny! If your art's so much better if it is more expensive, the benefit's part yours, so no complaining, lol. I think I made a comment in an email that the charge didn't seem like enough. You were so kind not to double it, haha.

Constance Stanza Extravaganza Extraordinaire said...

How about ................ $10000 instead of the $2000 that we were discussing, or is that still too little???

Have you seen a very wonderful film called "The Red Violin" Jerry? If you haven't, do yourself a favour and see if you can find it!


SooZeQue said...

If I could place a high price on my art and get it sold I'd do that everyday of the week. In this economy it's just plain hard to even give it away!. Hey Jerry - Your next post better be a biggy.... it's your 100th post. I just happen to notice that.

stonepost said...

Can't be a hundred already, SoozeQue! I am repeating myself as it is and don't know what to say!
I am busy, I am thankful and I am alive! maybe more on that?

PAMO said...
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AutumnLeaves said...

Funny you write of this, Jer. Why? Yesterday I spent a couple of hours looking at original watercolors on eBay. I must say that I was a bit nonplussed at the prices of some of the art work there. Why? Much of it looked like stuff I did as a kid and have seen my grandkids do. And I thought upon the price and wondered how it was determined by the artist/seller. I looked at something else on that site that had an exorbitant price and the woman said she put it that way so people would look at her listing, which I obviously did.

Not that any of that is here nor there...

I don't see many galleries in my area and would so love to open one. If I had the money, I'd make it a showplace for all my blogging artist friends to share their work. I'd also put up my own art collection, such that it is because I love it. Alas, my fear would be that I wouldn't even make up the costs of renting a space and paying the utilities for it, let alone making some sort of money to live on from the venture!